Foraxi. adheres to the principles of strict
regulation to ensure transparency and protect
it's customers.
The decision to start trading should be considered. Traders wishing to establish a long-term partnership with a broker should consider how best to secure their invested capital, and take into account not only the proposed beneficial aspects of trading. The broker must perform with all it's obligations to comply with the financial standards and legal requirements of the relevant country with which the broker operates.
Foraxi. is one of the leading investment companies in Hong Kong, whose activities are licensed and regulated by the securities and exchange Commission of the Republic of HONG KONG.
Foraxi offers
Investment service
Order receiving and transmitting for one or more financial instruments
Order execution on behalf of clients
Additional service
Financial instruments storage and administration, including storage and management of client values and related services
Provision of loans or borrowings under one or more financial instrument with participation in the transaction of firms providing credit or loan
Currency exchange services related to the provision of investment services
The securities and exchange Commission of the Republic of Hong Kong is the Supervisory and regulatory body for firms providing investment services in Hong Kong and a member of the European securities market surveillance authority. Our license is issued in accordance with Law 87 (I) of 2017, which provides for the provision of investment services, the conduct of operations for the implementation of investment activities, the functioning of regulated markets and other related matters; consistent with EU regulations, MIFID II and guarantees a high level of investor protection and efficiency of financial markets.