About Us
Foraxi. — is more than 200 professionals,
who has a great international experience in the field of finance
and Internet technologies.
Why us?
Team of professionals
Our team has a great international experience in the field of finance and Internet technologies. We offer highly-qualified service 24/7 and an individual approach to each client. Our main priority is direct live communication with the clients. We always adhere to our clients trying to improve our service.
Transparent working conditions
We use advanced liquidity aggregation technologies, up-to-date trading platforms and mechanism for direct withdrawal of orders to the market — STP, ECN.
Reliable Business Partnership
Мы верим в то, что успешность любого трейдера определяется исключительно его торговыми решениями, а миссия Forex брокера состоит в том, чтобы предоставить клиенту максимально комфортную среду для реализации своей торговой стратегии.
Security of clients' funds
We pay special attention to the security of customers' funds: opening of segregated accounts, diversification of the company's assets in different banks around the world. Membership in Financial Commission that deals with settlementof disputes between financial market participants allows to protect each Fix-trade client by the insurance fund up to $ 20 000.
The license for our customers is a guarantee
of financial stability of the company in connection with the requirements of IFSC to brokers to maintain on a separate bank account guaranteed in payment capital.
of the maintenance of international standards for traders' service, according to the requirements of IFSC.
of the company's successful quarterly audits and annual financial reporting to the regulator.
of disputes resolution between the trader and the broker with the involvement of IFSC as an independent arbitrator, whose decision is final and binding.